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Click on any of the links on this page to read articles on topics relating to the late founder of The Way International, Victor Paul Wierwille

Victor Paul Wierwille's DEATH CERTIFICATE

Yes, it's a photo reproduction of the real thing, along with an explanation of why it is important, not morbid, to see it and understand its significance.

"Three Scriptures Which Describe V.P. Wierwille's Ministry" - Acts 20:28, 2 Timothy 4:3-4 and 2 Corinthians 11:3-4, 13-14 give insights into Wierwille's ministry and its results.

Ex-Way leader John Lynn states that TWI leaders, including Wierwille, seduced "hundreds" of women under their care. Several articles in the "Sexual Misconduct" link on the left are first-person testimonies of women seduced by Wierwille. See especially The Way's Theology of Sex: How Way Leaders Used the Bible to Promote Promiscuity and Adultery which describes in detail how leaders used Wierwille's theology to persuade women to have sex with them, and how Wierwille's sex class prepared students for promiscuous sex

Pike's Peak Seminary, from which Wierwille got his unaccredited "doctorate"

"Mrs. Wierwille Contradicts "Doctor" About Snow in Tulsa"

V.P. Wierwille claimed that Tulsa was "snowbound," keeping him in the city so he could receive holy spirit. Why don't weather records and Mrs. Wierwille agree?

"Was V. P. Wierwille a Great Author?"

Was Wierwille a prolific author-- or just a word thief? Here's more evidence that Wierwille did little original research and writing, and that he plagiarized writings by Kenyon and Bullinger as well as Stiles.

E. W. Bullinger; Wierwille plagiarized large sections of several of Bullinger's books

"Stolen Goods-- How Wierwille Plagiarized Stiles and Bullinger to Make Receiving the Holy Spirit Today"

The charts in this article show which chapters in RTHST were taken from Stiles' and Bullinger's books and how Wierwille tried to present himself as an original author and to hide his plagiarism

"Martindale's Worst Actions only Follow Wierwille's Lead" -- Many ex-Wayers wish they could go back to "the good old days" before Martindale wrecked TWI. What they don't realize is that even the worst of Martindale's actions-- M & A, misuse of women, "itching ears," (this article has ten examples) etc, all were modeled and practiced by Wierwille.
VP Wierwille Contradicts himself-- Again! Take a look at these photo-reproductions which show how he claimed to teach the "sharp accuracy" of heteros and allos-- yet changed their meanings at a whim.

Rev. J. E. Stiles; Wierwille plagiarized large sections of Stiles' book

"Wierwille Borrows-- The Origin of Wierwille's Receiving the Holy Spirit Today"

While the article "Stolen Goods..." gives the overall picture of the plagiarism of RTHST, this article offers excerpts from Stiles, conclusively proving that Wierwille copied from Stiles' book

Do you believe the allegations that Wierwille plagiarized from other authors? Take a look at these side-by-side photo reproductions and judge for yourself.

The Blade Sunday Magazine, March 26, 1972

Lifelines II, another quote of VP Wierwille illustrates VP's astounding opinion of women.

"Women never tell the truth."

V. P. Wierwille, quoted in The Way- Living in Love, written by devout Wierwille follower Elena Whiteside, published by The Way International's American Christian Press, 1972, p. 199.

"VP Wierwille Was a 'Wanna Be'" -- VP Wierwille was sure he was the One Man of God who could overcome centuries of "tradition," restore the true Word, push the Word Over the World, found colleges, train leaders, ordain reverends, and accomplish other world-changing goals-- all by his own believing and renewed mind. But this "wanna be" didn't do any of these well, and most of his ideas have gone to ruin.
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