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The Way launched an intensified effort to close ranks during the 1990s. The group purged followers who were hesitant to give unreserved allegiance to President Martindale, terminated the annual Rock of Ages festival, replaced Wierwille's classes with classes by Martindale, and refused to sell publications to people who are not active in a New Knoxville-sponsored twig.

In this "Review" section we will offer reviews of Way classes and publications, including those which are "secret" and restricted.

The Way of Abundance and Power class

by L. Craig Martindale.

Martindale launched this class as a placement for Wierwille's Power for Abundant Living classes. He tried to keep the content of the class secret from potential critics by offering it only to Way followers who had shown faithfulness to The Way by regular participation in a New Knoxville sponsored twig (home group) and financial donations.

Here we offer a review and evaluation of portions of The Way class. What NOT in WAP is as important as what IS in it. What essential thing is missing from Segment 4? Jesus Christ. The Way gives lip service to Him, and claims he is the subject of The Word, and yet devotes only a very tiny portion of WAP to Him.

Aramaic Publications by The Way International

The Aramaic New Testament produced by The Way actually refutes Way teaching in many places. It is surprising that Aramaic Publications by The Way Int would include accurate Aramaic readings at the expense of TWI's own doctrine.

The New Way of Abundance and Power class

under Pres. Rivenbark

When Martindale resigned in disgrace, TWI was left with a totally uninspiring president Rivenbark who has no limelight teaching ability as Wierwille and Martindale coveted. So Rivenbark recruited a tag team of teachers who (slightly) reworked Martindale's version, making the syllabus a little briefer and more concise.

The New Way of Abundance and Power class of 2006 is best summed up as The Absent Christ.

Jesus Christ is not God, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of V. P. Wierwille's book "Jesus Christ is not God" claims to be a serious study of early church history and argues that early Christians never held to Trinitarianism until pagan influences overwhelmed the Church with pagan trinitarian doctrine. This review, Trinitarianism- A Pagan Creation? takes a careful look at its arguments, sources, and understanding of history.

Schoenheit's Paper on Adultery

Way leaders once ordered followers to have nothing to do with this Bible research paper. Many Way leaders, including author John Schoenheit (who was on staff with TWI's Research Department at the time), were fired because they had read it. Why was Schoenheit's Paper on Adultery so disturbing?

Overview of Events

Just after John Lynn was fired from the top level of Way leadership, he described the events that led to the splintering of TWI-- including Geer's paranoid egotism, the Trustees' errors, and rampant adultery. Lynn's Overview of Events indicts virtually all of TWI's top leadership-- especially the very top.

The Passing of a Patriarch

One of the most pivotal speeches by a Way leader was "The Passing of a Patriarch," which helped throw Way leadership into the confusion and suspicion later known as "the fog years." However, few Way followers ever heard or read it. What did "Passing..." say, and why were people so upset about it? Our review can tell you....

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