The article "Wierwille Borrows: A Challenge to the Originality of 'Receiving the Holy Spirit Today,'" and others prove the case that Wierwille stole the words of other authors and presented them as though he wrote them himself. The fact that he put his name on the book as author says that he was claiming the material in the book as his own. When authors who have integrity copy or paraphrase a part of another author's work, they always place quotation marks around the section and/or mark it with a reference which cites the other author and book title. Since Wierwille never includes any such quotations marks or references in RTHST, he was clearly saying that RTHST was all his own work.

The example above makes clear that Wierwille did plagiarize Stiles. Many more examples of how he plagiarized Stiles and other authors like EW Bullinger and EW Kenyon could be shown.

The second edition of Wierwille's RTHST is shown above. The newer editions were slightly edited to make RTHST more readable. As a result, current editions of RTHST don't reproduce Stiles in quite the same word-for-word fashion. Nonetheless, they still clearly show that Wierwille was copying Stiles as he "wrote" RTHST.

Dr. John Juedes, C. 2000

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