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 The Way International bills itself as a “research and teaching” ministry. “The Way International Research Books” section of offerings seven insights into its research efforts:


Another Cover-up: TWI Hides V.P. Wierwille's Plagiarism  

 The biography of founder VP Wierwille on The Way’s website states that Wierwille "consulted and worked with" 14 theologians (“About the Founder Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille,”  Dec 2021). Noticeably missing from the list are three authors he heavily plagiarized. Some of the theologians are big names in the liberal theological world, but hold beliefs that are radically different from both Wierwille’s teachings and Biblical teachings.

TWI Trying to Revive the “Glory Years”

 TWI plans to revive “the Rock” and Way “Ambassadors,” two popular programs in the 1970s. Will it work? How big is TWI in 2022? They have trouble filling even the first three rows of the auditorium for the Sunday service.

NEW VIDEOS on The Way Int. are uploaded periodically. Search “John Juedes” on YouTube for a current list

Victor Paul Wierwille wrote an article titled The Dilemma of Foreign Missions in India in 1955. Today Wierwille’s article is used to attack Christian missionaries and church bodies, as well as all of Christianity. The publisher, Hindu Writer’s Forum of New Delhi, bookends the article with quotes calling the Bible “barbarous” and Christianity “extremely wicked.” Wierwille’s Attack on Christian Missionaries” overviews the extremist nature of Wierwille’s article.  

How do you spell “G_d?” Some people devoutly follow the practice of spelling “G_d” without vowels. We take a brief look at this practice from the standpoint of Scripture, language, history and logic

Atheist Richard Dawkins claims to prove through rational evidence that complex life came to exist on earth strictly by natural processes. But when he tries to explain how the universe came to be such a perfect setting for life, and how life first came to be, he admits no naturalistic evidence exists- it was "sheer luck." Without the perfect universe and information-packed cell, his claims for natural selection are impossible. Atheistic Dawkins Makes a Case for Intelligent Design reviews portions of Dawkins' book The God Delusion and his descent into wishful thinking in imagining life's origin by accident.

One idea that has gained popularity is that personal spirituality is good, but organized religion is bad, because it is corrupt and oppressive. What good is organized religion? What happens when it goes awry? The answers will surprise you.

The Incredible Shrinking Way. Once upon a time, TWI bragged about how fast it was growing, and all the real estate and airplanes it was buying. Now, it brags about how much it is shrinking and how many assets it is selling. This article spells out its change in numbers and attitude.

Lawsuit Filed Against The Way Int, Martindale Resigns Presidency! Former Way Corps and staff members Paul and Fern Allen filed suit against TWI for breach of contract, assault, intentional affliction of emotional distress, fraud, defamation, conspiracy and racketeering. If there's nothing to the suit, as TWI says, then why Martindale resign only two weeks later? Here's the most comprehensive and detailed description of the events and the lawsuit available

TWI Settles Lawsuit filed by Paul and Frances Allen, which charged TWI leadership with sexual assault, conspiracy, fraud, etc; web site closes.

"The Way 'Robot Corps'" - Way leadership controls even the most minute details of the lives of the Corps and staff. This legalism makes everyone in the Way pecking order not leaders, but rule enforcers. How can the Corps lead when they aren't even trusted to lead their own lives?

What is it like to be part of a Way Disciple Outreach Group? The Life Style of a Way Disciple from the inside includes extensive quotes from the Disciples' handbook and report forms. Spotlights their isolation, fear, control by leaders, de-emphasis on Jesus Christ, and paltry results.

"Rev. Martindale's Foul Mouth" - The Word of God tells us to use wholesome speech. So why does Martindale have such a foul mouth-- even in Bible teachings which children hear?

"TWI Loses Big on Rome City Sale" - TWI just sold the Rome City Campus for a loss. TWI teaches prosperity-- and yet lost millions on Rome City and Emporia..

"The Way Tree is Splintering" - describes the early years of TWI's decline and divisions.

"Sweeping Changes in The Way International" - describes many of the radical changes Martindale has made since he began trying to reduce Wierwille's influence and remake TWI in his own image.

"There's No Grace in The Way International" -- TWI says it's in the grace administration, but acts like the most extreme of Pharisees.

"Martindale's Worst Actions are Only Following Wierwille's Lead" -- Many ex-Wayers wish they could go back to "the good old days" before Martindale wrecked TWI. What they don't realize is that even the worst of Martindale's actions-- M&A, misuse of women, etc, were all modeled and practiced by VPW.

"Fear in the Hearts of The Way Remnant" -- TWI teaches against fear, yet instills it in its followers. Martindale contradicts his teaching on "expansion" of the church with his "remnant" ideas.

"Why Were You 'Mark and Avoid?'" -- Ex-Wayers reveal how aggressively Way leadership treats its own people.

"Challenge to Pres. Martindale" -- Martindale was so upset about local newspaper articles which criticized aspects of TWI that he blasted critics during a Sunday Night Service. We challenge him to respond in a more mature manner instead. And...

"Who's Talking-- God or L. C. Martindale?"

"Ex-Way Leader Convicted of Crimes Committed While in TWI" -- Articles from the Denver Post on Rick Panyard's adultery and conviction on fraud-related crimes.

"The Way Purges Ranks" -- Hundreds of Way followers have been "purged, marked and avoided" as The Way cleans house.

"The Closing of The Way International" -- TWI is trying to close its doors to anyone who doesn't seem to be 100% committed to obeying its president.

"The Way is In 'Decline' Say Way Leaders" -- TWI's numbers are declining, says The Way Magazine, and numbers of Disciples and Corps aren't even a shadow of the Ambassadors and Corps in the old days.

"Rome City Campus for Sale" -- TWI is still cutting back. Emporia was sold, now Rome City is on the block, too. Huge Losses of Followers prompt a "New Way Corps Structure"

"What's Wrong with This Picture?" -- Recap on the sale of The Way College of Emporia.

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