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 The Way International bills itself as a “research and teaching” ministry. “The Way International Research Books” section of offerings seven insights into its research efforts:


Another Cover-up: TWI Hides V.P. Wierwille's Plagiarism 

 The biography of founder VP Wierwille on The Way’s website states that Wierwille "consulted and worked with" 14 theologians (“About the Founder Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille,”  Dec 2021). Noticeably missing from the list are three authors he heavily plagiarized. Some of the theologians are big names in the liberal theological world, but hold beliefs that are radically different from both Wierwille’s teachings and Biblical teachings.

TWI Trying to Revive the “Glory Years”

 TWI plans to revive “the Rock” and Way “Ambassadors,” two popular programs in the 1970s. Will it work?

New VIDEOS on The Way International are uploaded to YouTube periodically, including:


Turning Points in The Way International Part 1

Turning points in the history, teaching and activities of Victor Paul Wierwille and The Way International give insights into their character, integrity and origins. Dr. John Juedes, who has followed The Way for four decades offers many details, insights and photos in part 1 of this series. Wierwille made many changes in the book Receiving the Holy Spirit Today which reveal dishonesty and lack of integrity.


Turning Points in The Way International Part 2

Turning Points defined the nature, direction, and eventual collapse of The Way International. The first two presidents, Victor Paul Wierwille and Loy Craig Martindale, sowed the seeds of TWI's error and decline through plagiarism, sexual misconduct, egotism and false teaching. This video picks up where Part 1 left off, with the appointment of Martindale as president in 1982 and Wierwille's death of cancer at a young age in 1985. Christopher Geer's "The Passing of a Patriarch" triggered a splintering of The Way Int, leading to a loss of some 95% of its followers.


Victor Paul Wierwille and Receiving the Holy Spirit Today

The origin and content of the book Receiving the Holy Spirit Today reveals important things about the character and thinking of its author, Victor Paul Wierwille. Dr. John Juedes offers revealing alterations found in the various editions of the book, including photos. Wierwille plagiarized most of the book from EW Bullinger and JE Stiles, trying to pass it off as his own original work.


Finding More than Abundant Life After The Way International

Many people have been spiritually or emotionally harmed by being involved in The Way International. Here we offer 10 tips for recovering from TWI and finding the more than abundant life. It is noteworthy that 95% of everyone who were ever in TWI saw its errors and cultic structure and left.


Victor Paul Wierwille and Literal Translations According to Usage

Victor Paul Wierwille said that his "literal translations according to usage" more accurately translate the Bible. Were they actually literal, or were they free, contradictory and manipulative? Why does "Receiving the Holy Spirit Today" say they are "free," while The Way's book "Living Word Speaks" say they are "not free?" Why does "Living Word Speaks" say Wierwille's translations "make no sense when read?" Here we closely evaluate and compare several examples of his translations. (Why does Wierwille contradict himself?)


Victor Paul Wierwille, Author

Many people regard Victor Paul Wierwille as an excellent researcher and author. We explore the three main types of his writings- the 3 "S"s which reveal important things about both the books and the author. The books Jesus Christ is not God and Receiving the Holy Spirit Today are especially useful in understanding his standing as an author. Why do the title pages of books like Jesus Christ our Passover and Jesus Christ our Promised Seed list Wierwille as author, when he didn't actually write them?


Aramaic Interlinear New Testament by The Way International

The Way International published an Aramaic (Peshitta Syriac) interlinear, concordance and lexicon. When the readings of the interlinear are compared to the teachings of The Way's founder Victor Paul Wierwille, the results are surprising. We also address the background of George Lamsa and his "Lamsa Bible," and offer nine convincing reasons that the NT was authored in Greek, not Aramaic. Why does The Way's Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament contradict Wierwille's book Jesus Christ is not God?


Law Of Believing and Victor Paul Wierwille

The law of believing is an important teaching in The Way International. VP Wierwille taught that people cause good or bad results in their lives (wealth or poverty, life or death) by their positive or negative believing. In "Power for Abundant Living," Wierwille states bluntly that a loving mother personally caused her child to die by her "believing." Few recognize that Wierwille taught an atheistic system (although he believed in God) that he learned from Albert Cliffe, not from the New Testament. Those who accepted The Way's teaching had to conclude that Wierwille caused his own early death by cancer, which is why The Way hid the cause of his death from his followers (you can see a copy of his death certificate in this video).


What Victor Paul Wierwille's Power for Abundant Living class did Very Well

Victor Paul Wierwille's Power for Abundant Living class did one thing very well, even though it wasn't a stated purpose of the class, and participants didn't realize what they were hearing. The class claimed to teach keys to biblical research, when it was actually designed to.... (guess what?).


What's Missing from Power for Abundant Living and The Way of Abundance and Power?

Something very important is missing from Victor Paul Wierwille's Power for Abundant Living and The Way International's The Way of Abundance and Power classes.


Victor Paul Wierwille Caused His Own Death

Victor Paul Wierwille died young. Why did The Way International hide the cause of his death? Their fear of the truth stems from Wierwille’s teaching on the Law of Believing, an idea he took from Albert Cliffe. Check the facts, including a screenshot of Wierwille’s death certificate, in this video. The Passing of a Patriarch echoed the thought that Wierwille caused his own death, while putting a spin on it. See our related video “Victor Paul Wierwille Says a Mother Killed Her Young Son.” More details in the full video, “The Law of Believing and Victor Paul Wierwille,”


Victor Paul Wierwille Says a Mother Killed Her Young Son

The car’s driver which struck the boy didn’t kill the him, Victor Paul Wierwille says, his own mother caused him to die by her negative believing. The Way International continues to promote this idea and sell Wierwille’s Power for Abundant Living book that teaches it. See our related video “Victor Paul Wierwille Caused His own Death.” More details about the destructive side of Wierwille's teaching in the full video, “The Law of Believing and Victor Paul Wierwille,”


Victor Paul Wierwille’s Sloppy Book “Jesus Christ is not God”

The Way International thinks that Wierwille’s book "Jesus Christ is not God" is great research, but even a brief look reveals that it’s sloppy, superficial and short. It dismisses key Bible passages with just a sentence or two instead of seriously addressing them. The book "Power for Abundant Living" also shows that Wierwille made up things as he went along. More documentation of sloppy teaching in the full video, “Victor Paul Wierwille and Literal Translations According to Usage”


Victor Paul Wierwille’s Stolen Writings

Any middle school student knows that it’s dishonest to copy from other books without footnoting them in the paper itself. Plagiarism earns students an “F” and gets journalists fired. Victor Paul Wierwille deceived people by plagiarizing large sections of “his” books like Receiving the Holy Spirit Today and Are the Dead Alive Now (even while claiming that he used the Bible alone in writing them). More documentation of plagiarism in the full video, “Victor Paul Wierwille, Author” and “Victor Paul Wierwille and Receiving the Holy Spirit Today”




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