AUGUST 2012 Update

W.O.W. Ambassadors returned to a warm welcome at the farm where they were pinned in recognition of their year of promoting the Word Over the World. Some of them were recruitd to join a leadership program at which they would attend classes from men like Walter Cummins while working part time on the farm. They'll take time for a L.E.A.D. expedition during the year. Does this sound like The Way International? It does, but it is the S.O.W.E.R.S. program run by Victor Wierwille, grandson of TWI founder Victor Paul Wierwille. Find more details in S.O.W.E.R.S. and The Way Corps. 

JUNE 2012 Update

Victor Paul Wierwille wrote an article titled The Dilemma of Foreign Missions in India after a trip there in 1955. He considered it to be a wise reflection on mission work in India, and criticized those in his church body who objected to it. Today Wierwille’s article is used to attack not only Christian missionaries and church bodies, but also all of Christianity. The publisher, Hindu Writer’s Forum of New Delhi, bookends the article with quotes calling the Bible “barbarous” and Christianity “extremely wicked” and perverse. Why is Wierwille’s article considered an attack against Christianity? “Wierwille’s Attack on Christian Missionaries” gives an overview of the extremist nature of Wierwille’s article.

DECEMBER 2011 Update

What's going on in The Way International in 2011 ? Not much. Not many Corps or Advanced Class grads, and not much research. The most recent research book by TWI listed on its website was published 29 years ago. But TWI still emphasizes central control and "giving of plurality," which is "giving beyond the tithe to help further the work of the ministry" (TWI has always used the term "the ministry" to refer to itself). TWI used to call this "abundant sharing."


When TWI splintered in the late 1980s, ex-Way leaders started their own organizations and groups. Wolfgang Schneider, who translated TWI materials into German, began Bibel Center (available in German as Bibelcenter and in English as Bible Center). We overview Wolfgang Schneiders Bibelcenter here.


Another splinter called Christian Research and Fellowship was started by John Hendricks. From his "law of believing" to his "warrior tongues" to his "Power for Abun" "To Know God" class, CRF is a clone of Wierwille's TWI.


How do you spell "G_d?" Some people devoutly follow the practice of spelling "G_d" without vowels. We take a brief look at this practice from the standpoint of Scripture, language, history and logic.


Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGAT) offer "transformational" experiences. But what follows the experience? Does the "transformation" keep? A recent magazine article described the after-training life of a woman who experienced a training by Rose of the World, which is based on Lifespring training, as Breakthrough/ Momentus is. "Rollback" in one Large Group Awareness Training summarizes the aftermath some LGAT participants experienced.



MARCH 2010 Update


Michael Rood insists that the Pope deviously invented the"3-year ministry of Jesus," pressed this idea forward at the point of the sword, and "pummeled or beheaded into submission" anyone who disagreed with the ubiquitously unchallenged 3-1/3 year ministry. It is very serious to accuse Catholics of fabrication, murder and conspiracy, especially in the name of faith. He also ridicules pastors of congregations as "Minister Macon Moemoney." Are Rood's accusations true? "Pummeled and Beheaded into Teaching a Three Year Ministry of Messiah" fills you in on a lot of what Rood doesn't know- or doesn't want you to know.

JANUARY 2010 Update

Michael Rood addresses his newsletter "Dear Torah Fans" and dresses like a Mid-Eastern rabbi, leading his followers to think he's a true Torah teacher. Then why are his newsletters and talks so very thin on Torah and so full of doomsday scare tactics and promos for his DVDs? Rood's Torah Illusion reveals Rood's actual motives in his own words.

Atheist Richard Dawkins claims to prove through rational evidence that complex life came to exist on earth strictly by natural processes and natural selection, without any intelligent design. But when he tries to explain how the universe came to be such a perfect setting for life, and how life first came into being, he admits no naturalistic evidence exists- it was "sheer luck." Without the perfect universe and information-packed cell, his claims for natural selection are completely impossible. Atheistic Dawkins Makes a Case for Intelligent Design reviews portions of Dawkins' book The God Delusion and his descent into wishful thinking in imagining life's origin by accident.

One idea that has gained popularity is that personal spirituality is good, but organized religion is bad, because it is corrupt and oppressive. What good is organized religion? What happens when it goes awry? The answers will surprise you.


V. P. Wierwille's DEATH CERTIFICATE yes, it's a photo reproduction of the real thing, along with an explanation of why it is important, not morbid, to know the details of VPW's death.

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