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About The Way International has the most comprehensive collection of articles on The Way International found anywhere-- over 110. Each link takes you to a menu of articles on that topic, most by Dr. John P. Juedes, who has researched TWI for 30 years.
TWI's splinter groups, formed at TWI's implosion in the late 1980's, are bigger than today's TWI. Find information here on Michael Rood, Christian Education Services/STF (John Lynn), Chris Geer and others.
Four crucified. Three days and three nights. What the really research says.
The New 2006 Way class- The Way of Abundance and Power- revises deposed President Martindale’s earlier edition. We look at the content of the class, and especially its teaching on tithing and abundant sharing.
What do E.W Bullinger and J.E. Stiles have to do with Wierwille’s books? Can you spell p-l-a-g-i-a-r-i-s-m?
TWI is based on “research,” particularly that of founder Victor Paul Wierwille, who wrote almost all of the books TWI uses today.
This is Pike’s Peak Seminary, the source of Wierwille’s “doctorate.”
Why did TWI avoid explaining how Wierwille died at a young age? His death certificate can tell you.
What does sexual conduct tell us about the degree of integrity and spiritual authority of TWI leadership, past and present?
TWI’s Law of Believing leaves people guilty- or prideful- and always on their own, apart from God.
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