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Editor's Statement on Spectacular Sex Stories outlines why this web site hesitates to publish such stories, and why it must.

Former TWI president Martindale resigned after female followers of TWI filed lawsuits against him, alleging he exploited them for sex. His first thought must have been- "but I haven't done anything wrong." According to TWI theology, he indeed had not done anything wrong. The Way's Theology of Sex: How Way Leaders Used the Bible to Promote Promiscuity and Adultery describes in detail how leaders used Way theology to persuade women to have sex with them, and how the Way's sex class prepared students for promiscuous sex. It includes accounts of Kristen Skedgell's sexual experiences with TWI leaders from her book Losing the Way.

Kristen's Story offers her recollections of VP Wierwille's advances toward her.

Donna adds her memories of how Wierwille abused her, too.

The Parker Lawsuit, which charged TWI leadership with sexual assault, conspiracy and fraud, has been settled out of court. This article also describes the huge losses the Parker and Allen suits inflicted on TWI in the areas of finances, membership, recruitment, public embarrassment and resignation of its president.

the "Lock box" was a trick TWI leaders used to keep their conquests from revealing the leaders' misconduct

Lawsuit Filed Against The Way Int, Martindale Resigns Presidency! Former Way Corps and staff members Paul and Fern Allen filed suit against TWI for breach of contract, assault, sexual harassment, intentional affliction of emotional distress, fraud, defamation, conspiracy and racketeering. If there's nothing to the suit, as TWI says, then why did Martindale resign only two weeks later, and why was he later removed from staff? Here's the most comprehensive and detailed description of the events and the lawsuit available.

Rumors have circulated for years that V. P. Wierwille was a sexual predator. Marsha tells her story.

Lawsuits Against TWI Charge Sexual Assault quotes the text of important lawsuits in order to give readers a clearer picture of the type of sexual behavior- and conspiracy of leadership to foster and conceal it-- which TWI leadership is accused of .

Why Didn't We Know About Leaders' Sexual Advances? Some followers of The Way International (TWI) are surprised to hear that former presidents L. Craig Martindale and V. P. Wierwille had sexual relationships with female staff. Portions of testimony in the Allen-TWI lawsuit give insights into how Way leaders recruited women and kept misconduct secret.

"'P's Story of Sexual Promiscuity in TWI" describes sexual promiscuity and abuse among TWI leadership.

"Schoenheit's Paper on Adultery" - Way leaders once ordered followers to have nothing to do with this Bible research paper. Many Way leaders, including author John Schoenheit (who was on staff with TWI's Research Department at the time), were fired because they had read it. Why was it so disturbing?

"Overview of Events" - Just after John Lynn was fired from the top level of Way leadership, he described the events that led to the splintering of TWI-- including Geer's paranoid egotism, the Trustees' errors, and rampant adultery. He emphasizes how founder V.P. Wierwille taught his lieutenants to approve and practice adultery as he did.

Richard describes how TWI prepared for a massive invasion of the USA (by stockpiling food, etc) which VP Wierwille prophesied, and describes rampant sexual promiscuity and adultery at the New Knoxville headquarters when he worked on staff there.

Lifelines II, another quote of VP Wierwille illustrates VP's astounding opinion of women.

"Women never tell the truth."

V. P. Wierwille, quoted in The Way- Living in Love, written by devout Wierwille follower Elena Whiteside, published by The Way International's American Christian Press, 1972, p. 199.

"The Way Tree is Splintering" - describes the early years (the "fog years") of TWI's decline and divisions along with its causes-- which includes leaders' practice and approval of adultery.

"Ex-Way Leader Convicted of Crimes Committed While in TWI" -- Articles from the Denver Post on Rick Panyard's adultery and conviction on fraud-related crimes.

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