"What's Wrong with the Church?" -- Ex-Wayers commonly distrust and condemn the Christian Church, unknowingly spurning a place of refuge and playing into the hands of the Enemy.

"What's Wrong with Denominations?" -- People criticize denominations, even though they don't understand their true origin, power and place in God's plan.

"What Do I Do Now That I've Left?" -- and -- "Open Letter to Ex-Followers of TWI" -- Practical tips on how to speed your recovery now that you've left TWI.

"What Do Ex-Members Do?" -- Leaving a cult like TWI is important. But what is the next (and just as important) step?

"Helping Loved Ones Leave TWI" -- You know TWI is wrong, but your loved one is still involved. How can you help them to see the truth?


TWI not only approves of, but even seems to prompt many divorces. It is common to have one ex-spouse be an ex-Wayer, while the other remains in TWI. The ex-Wayers can see the damage that TWI continues to do to their children. But how can they convince the courts that the damage is severe enough that the Wayers' visitation must be restricted? Here are some articles to help you.

- "Child Custody Issues-- an Overview"

#1 - "No Debt-- Or Else"

#2 - "TWI Avoids and Hinders Medical Attention"

#3 - "Mind Control in TWI and the Poisoning of Families" Although this was written for the custody series, it is important reading for anyone who is or was a part of TWI, since it reveals the psychologically destructive nature of TWI.


"Chris Geer-- PFAL Piracy" - Geer was more responsible for the splintering of The Way International than any other person. Now he runs his own loosely organized splinter group. Here's a look at his PFAL-clone class, "Walking in God's Power."

"What is Vince Finnegan Hiding?" - Nowadays, Finnegan runs another Way splinter group called Christian Biblical Counsel. But apparently, he doesn't want people to know what he did in the 1970s and 1980s. How about a little more candor, Vince? .

"Christian Educational Services" -- The nature, strengths and weaknesses of the largest of the Way split-off groups, led by John Lynn.

"MOMENTUS-- Behind the Scenes"

Ex-Wayers have become heavily involved in "Momentus Trainings." What are the roots and practices of this encounter-group? Is it wise for Christians to be involved? See our separate menu for several articles on Momentus, which is also called "Breakthrough."

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