Greasespotcafe offers occasional articles, the entire WayDale Document Archive (described below) and audio interviewed with ex-Wayers. Often has news of recent happenings in TWI and its splinter groups. The forum is frequented by many ex-Wayers and offers a wide variety of topics relative to The Way Int. The best overall source outside of

Christian Research Journal

helpful resources on cults, apologetics, and Christian teaching

Ex-Way World

Ex-Way world includes helpful information on the inner workings of TWI from the perspective of ex-followers. It includes much information from the now-closed Waydale site.

"No Way"

is another web site with a large variety of information on The Way International. The site is edited by a former follower of The Way and includes articles and letters by former and current followers of The Way International.

WayDale Document Archive

a treasure trove of Way documents, including letters by Martindale to the Corps, pages from Corps manuals, Way policy statements and other Way documents in their original condition as they were sent out to the Way Corps. It also has audio files of Craig and Donna Martindale making demands, accusations, vile remarks and threats. The graphic and audio files give a good idea of the controlling and aggressive nature of Way leaders-- in their own words and tone of voice. The best "inside view" of TWI around (closed as of November 2000, but included on greasespotcafe)

The Watchman Fellowship

site has information on a wide variety of cults and new religions. While it has little information on The Way, it includes articles on cults in general and on Christian teachings and apologetics.

The Cult that Snapped, A Journey into The Way International

The most comprehensive book on the origins and nature of TWI, by former follower Karl Kahler. Many sections are Karl's freewheeling autobiography and written in sarcastic and irreverent style. But the book includes lots of information and interviews of former followers on topics TWI wants to keep hidden- the tyranny and adultery of founder Wierwille, sexual promiscuity among leadership, the silly "athletes" teaching, deaths of followers, mark and avoid, and so forth.

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