"Women never tell the truth."

V. P. Wierwille, quoted in The Way- Living in Love, written by devout Wierwille follower Elena Whiteside, and published by The Way International's American Christian Press, 1972, p. 199.

No, he wasn't kidding.

He recounted this story in the same conversation in which he lied to Elena Whiteside about his experiences in Tulsa. He claimed that a blizzard in Tulsa December 11-13, 1951, stopped all trains, buses and planes from moving out of the city. Weather records show that no snow fell the whole week (the biggest snowfall all month was 6 tenths of an inch), and newspaper weather reports indicate that the temperature was in the 50s. We can provide photocopies if you want to see the page yourself.

Here's more from the same page:

(A man asked Wierwille,) "Aren't you that... preacher who spoke in tongues last night?" I said, "yes, but it was a damn lie...." Then a woman came over to me and said, "I think God sent a man here to meet your need. Meet me at 9 a.m." I thought, "Women never tell the truth." But then I reconsidered.... I just remember thinking to myself, "There aren't going to be any women around when I get the holy spirit...." (Later he met J.E. Stiles, whose wife asked Stiles:) "How long will you be?" And he said, "That's none of your business." That was it, and my opinion of him as a man went up 99 percent. His stature increased in my eyes, just from the way he handled her." (TWLIL, pp. 199-200)

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