Here are some reproductions of original sources which are quoted in various articles on this web site, which allow the reader to see the quotes in their original context and/or format.

Do you believe the allegations that Wierwille plagiarized from other authors? Take a look at these side-by-side photo reproductions and judge for yourself.

VP Wierwille Contradicts himself-- Again! Take a look at these photo-reproductions which show how he claimed to teach the "sharp accuracy" of heteros and allos-- yet changed their meanings at a whim.

When Did VP Wierwille Decide to Lie About His Books? In the second edition of RTHST Wierwille plainly admitted he was taught by an unnamed "man of God," but he deleted the words from later editions in order to lead his readers to believe that he studied the Bible alone. Look at these photo reproductions, side by side.

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