Below is a list of pictures of significant people, places and things in The Way International. Click on each link to enjoy the photo and its description.
Emporia Chapel What did TWI remove from the top of the chapel at Emporia-- and what does this tell us?
Pike's Peak Bible Seminary "Doctor" Wierwille and his followers were proud of his Th.D., even though most of his book covers neglected to say where he got it from. Here's part of the reason...
Tulsa Tribune Wierwille said that a blizzard in Tulsa prevented him from leaving the city, which led to him receiving holy spirit there. Check Tulsa's weather report, pictured here.
Way Magazine Covers What, or who, was TWI all about? These magazine covers give us a hint.
Three Books Wierwille tried to impress people by claiming that his research on holy spirit was original. But here are two books he plagiarized (copied) from.
Way Police Car TWI always wanted its own police force. Here's an old Way Police car (nowadays they just pretend to be police).
Emporia Seal Why does the seal of The Way College of Emporia say it was founded in 1884 when The Way, Inc wasn't founded until 1955 (and The Way Int. In 1974)?
Off Duty Police Here's an off duty Way Policeman on his way out to demand film from someone taking a photo of the BRC. Martindale didn't invent TWI paranoia, he just raised it to an art form.
VP Wierwille's Death Certificate Yes, it's a reproduction of the real thing, with an explanation of why it's important, not morbid, to know about it.
E. W. Bullinger Wierwille plagiarized from several of Bullinger's books for at least 30 years (1955-1984)
J. E. Stiles Wierwille copied about half of Receiving the Holy Spirit Today from Stiles after Stiles taught Wierwille how to inhale the Spirit
Albert Cliffe, Medium & Psychic Wierwille told his followers to burn books by mediums and psychics, but he copied a lot from this psychic instead
Ohio News Article This Ohio newspaper article explains how "Wierwille Got Out Just Before the Ax Fell"
T-Shaped Crosses Yes, Victor, Roman crosses were typically T-shaped and the cross-piece had a special name, the patibulum
The City Dump Wierwille said he took his books to the Dump and studied the Bible alone (but don't believe him)
A Knight Armed for Battle The cover of a Way Magazine shows both a knight "armed for battle" and a "spiritual athlete."

Dr. John Juedes, 1999, 2007 www.abouttheway.org

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