The Way International settled a lawsuit filed by Paul and Frances Allen. The suit was settled on November 6, 2000, just before the trial was to begin. Terms were not disclosed, but Paul Allen expressed pleasure at the terms of the settlement:

"Fern and I are very pleased to announce that our litigation against The Way International and other named defendants has finally been concluded and that we have reached a satisfactory settlement agreement." (Statement on web site, November 8, 2000)

The Allens filed the lawsuit on April 6, 2000, charging TWI leadership with fraud, sexual assault, breach of contract, etc. (See our other articles which detail the charges made in the suit.)

Allen thanked those who offered to serve as witnesses for the Plaintiffs during the trial, those contributed funds for trial expenses, and those who offered support.

Allen closed all divisions of his popular web site, He noted that the Waydale Document Archive home page had been visited some 285,000 times, the WayDale Forums had been visited 1.97 million times and received over 98,863 posts, and the WayDale Chat had also been popular. He promised to visit the GreaseSpot Café forums, which are structured much like the WayDale Forums had been. The Allens hoped that closing WayDale would allow them to "move on" with their lives after their intense efforts to combat TWI after leaving the group on March 23, 1999.

WayDale had been enormously damaging to TWI in its brief existence by prompting Wayers to leave TWI and crippling its recruitment efforts. No doubt TWI would have paid a very large sum to obtain an agreement to permanently close the site.

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