TWI trying to revive the “glory years”


    It seems TWI is trying to revive the “glory years.” It plans to revive “the Rock” as “Young Adult Rock” on Aug 12-14, 2022. They call it a “Christian music festival” for Foundational class grads ages 18-35. A few days after it, TWI plans to send out Way “Ambassadors.” The “Ambassadors of The Way Outreach Program” will replace both the original WOW Ambassadors and the more recent Way Disciples outreach program, which sends an anemic 4 teams (approx.) per term. They will serve Aug 21, 2022 to June 4, 2023.  That’s a 9.5 month term vs. the 6 month disciple and 12 month WOW terms. They hope to have Ambassadors in 12 countries in which there are active Way Corps.

    There are significant differences between the Rock and Ambassadors of the 1970s, and those of 2022. First, they worked well in the 1970s because TWI siphoned enthusiastic followers from the Jesus Movement rather than finding and motivating participants itself. Second, the Rock 2022 is more insular –Rock attendees must be graduates of TWI’s Foundational class, bands will certainly conform to TWI culture, and Ambassadors must be graduates of both the Foundational and Intermediate classes.

    This isolationist characteristic is typical of groups that have cultic structures. Anyone who sees Rock 2022 and knew the early Rock and WOW program will recognize Rock 2022 as a pathetic and paltry attempt to turn back time and undo what TWI has become.

    How accurately will TWI report the (probably very weak) results of these nostalgic efforts? One example of current reporting practice: the video of the Sunday Service never reveals that the auditorium is almost completely empty.