V. P. Wierwille was a life long plagiarist, repeatedly copying the writings of others while presenting the words as his own, without ever citing the original authors.

Wierwille stole more material from E. W. Bullinger, who died in 1917, than anyone else. Here's a partial list of examples:

Selected Writings , How to Enjoy the Bible Are the Dead Alive Now, 1967
The Knowledge of God The Counsel of the Lord (The Bible Tells Me So), 1971
Figures of Speech Used in the Bible "Rediscovering Figures of Speech" (The Way Magazine, 1984)
How to Enjoy the Bible "Search the Scriptures" (TWM 1984)
The Church Epistles The Church, the Great Mystery Revealed, 1968, reprinted in God's Magnified Word, 1977
The Giver and His Gifts Receiving the Holy Spirit Today, 1955

Over half of RTHST was stolen from Bullinger (and much of the rest from J. E. Stiles). Juedes also wrote a parallel column comparison showing which chapters were stolen from which authors (see "Stolen Goods- How Wierwille Plagiarized RTHST"). VP emphasizes in RTHST that he did not read any human writings, but studied the Bible alone in writing the book, which was a bald-faced lie.

It's clear VP plagiarized from the very beginning (at least as early as1953) to the very end of his life (1984), a life-long lie. In fact, when it comes to VPW and plagiarism, it is easier to list what VP did not steal than what he did. The monograph by Juedes and Valusek "Will the Real Author Please Stand Up?" quotes many examples of plagiarism, with the original author in one column and VP in the column next to it.

Plagiarism isn't just "learning" from people. It's quoting or paraphrasing them in a book or article without citing the source. The lie is that VP led people to think he was an originator instead of a copier. He would have been fired from an faculty; instead he's admired and nearly worshiped by many.

Dr. John Juedes, 2007 www.abouttheway.org

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