An off-duty way policeman noticed this photographer taking a picture of the BRC and came out to investigate. He tried to detain the photographer and wanted to see what was on the film. But why would he want to do that? Was there something at HQ which needed to be kept hidden? What was he afraid of?

Or was it simple paranoia? Founder VP Wierwille's driver Chris Geer recalled that he and Wierwille had drills in which Geer practiced covering Wierwille to save him from assassination attempts. (There are no records of any violence or attempts on his life.)

If Wierwille was paranoid, his successor Martindale has raised it to an art form. Martindale has several bodyguards, and he seldom leaves the New Knoxville campus. Way security patrols the campus and immediately stops and interrogates anyone who isn't wearing a Way name tag. They do their best to appear to be policemen, from the vehicles which are equipped to look like police cruisers, to the badge, utility belts and radios of the personnel. (See more on Way security at the Way Police car photo.)

TWI's paranoia is in stark contrast from typical private colleges and organizations. People can walk onto private college campuses, take photos, use the libraries and restrooms, visit bookstores, etc, without being grilled by security and compared with a highly regimented "status" list.

Dr. John Juedes, 1999, www.empirenet.com/~messiah7

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