It has become obvious that VP Wierwille plagiarized others' writings, that is, that he copied sections of other books word for word and led readers to believe that he wrote them himself. (See Will the Real Author Please Stand Up? a 50 page book of excerpts from Wierwille's books printed side-by-side with parts of other authors' books which he plagiarized.) But some people prefer to believe that Wierwille simply "learned from" other men and innocently included some of their ideas in his books.

However, the page above from the preface of Wierwille's Receiving the Holy Spirit Today, makes clear that Wierwille made a conscious decision in 1957 to lie to his readers.

The second edition, reproduced on the left, includes a partially honest statement by Wierwille. Wierwille says that he found "a man of God" who made Scripture fit for him. He clearly admits that someone else taught him the things he puts in this book.

But Wierwille isn't honest enough to name the man, J. E. Stiles. Nor is he honest enough to admit that Wierwille copies large sections from Stiles' book The Gift of the Holy Spirit into RTHST. But not quoting the sections or naming Stiles, Wierwille still is dishonest enough to hide his plagiarism.

But by 1957, Wierwille made a conscious decision to lie about the origin of his teaching on the Holy Spirit and the content of his book. In the third and later editions (the seventh edition is pictured above), Wierwille deletes the words that make clear that he learned from a "man of God." The paragraph that results clearly leads the reader to believe that Wierwille put aside all he had heard, studied the Bible alone and came to conclusions on his own.

Wierwille didn't want to share any credit with anyone else. From this point on, he never referred to the authors he copied sections from word for word. His deletion of these sentences clearly shows that from that point on he would lie to his readers about the origin of his teaching and the content of his book.

Dr. John Juedes, 2000

(Note: the image above is sometimes hard to read on monitors, but prints out well.) Several articles on Wierwille's plagiarism and his claims that he studied the Bible alone without consulting other books can be found at www.empirenet.com/~messiah7

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