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For the first time in history there will be a book that will document every known photograph of General Grant. Grant historian and scholar Mr. Keya Morgan has devoted over a decade to collecting and cataloging every known photograph of General Ulysses S. Grant. He is near completion of his monumental work Grant in Photographs: Every Known Photograph, which will include dozens of unpublished and rare images, never before seen by the public. Some of the images were obtained directly from the Grant family and once belonged to General Grant himself. The book will also illustrate photographs from General Grant’s personal family album. Unlike most Grant scholars, Keya Morgan went beyond simply searching the obvious archives such as The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian and The National Archives. He explored over 300 archives worldwide and went through thousands of auction catalogs dating back to the 1870s. Unfortunately in the past 130 years, many of the original photographs of General Grant ended up in private collections, never to been seen by the public again. Keya Morgan made it his job to not only go through the hundreds of archives, auctions, websites, and catalogs, but also private collections.