Celia's Track Record


     For those interested in my publication track record, herein is the


The Marvelous Mule Rural Heritage --- Winter 1990 Vol. 15 No. 4 (Internet Reprint) Eclectica --- Nov. 1996 Vol. 1 No. 2 The Wonderful World Of Ghost Letters Scavenger's Newsletter --- July 1991 No. 89 American Accent: Stepping Stone For The Next Generation Of Writers New Writer's Magazine --- Nov/Dec 1991 Vol. 6 No.6 Achieving Your Writing Goals Gila Queen's Guide To Markets --- July 1992 No. 48 Using Human Inconsistency In Character Development Midnight Zoo Magazine --- Vol. 3 No. 12 Twist Endings Scavenger's Newsletter --- March 1993 No. 93 Muse Profile Featuring Celia Hixon --- Inteview Muse Profile --- Spring 1994 Issue 6 Fantasy Foundations Scavenger's Newsletter --- June 1994 No. 124 Fantasy, Past And Present Scavenger's Newsletter --- January 1995 No 131 A Touch Of Twist Endings The Prolific Writer's Magazine --- Jan/Mar 1995 Vol.95 No. 5 Putting Science Into Science Fiction - Part 1 - Research Methods Writer's Journal Vol. 14 No.4 Putting Science Into Science Fiction - Part 2 - A Star Shopper's Guide Writer's Journal Vol. 14 No. 5 Putting Science Into Science Fiction - Part 3 - Alien Cultures Writer's Journal Vol. 14 No. 6 Putting Science Into Science Fiction - Part 4 - Human Motivation Writer's Journal Vol. 15 No.1 Collaborative Writing (written with Donna Zelzer) Scavenger's Newsletter June 1996 No. 148

Short Stories:

The Cliff --- Mainstream American Accent Short Story Magazine July 1989 Vol. 1 No. 2 The Jewel Of Everywhere --- Fantasy Midnight Zoo Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 The U.S. Snail Strikes Again --- Fantasy Midnight Zoo 1993 Calendar Ryan's Elf --- Mystery Kracked Mirror Mysteries Jan 1994 Vol. 1 No. 1 Uncle Stephan's Will --- Mystery Over My Dead Body Dec. 1999 Issue No. 6 The Dragon's Door --- Fantasy Won an honorable mention prize and publication in the ConVersion 2001 SF, Fantasy, Horror Convention booklet ConTales August 2001 in Calgary, Canada.

Biographical Essays:

The Writer Within Minerva (Internet Magazine) Sept. 1997 No. 9 God Is A Little Deaf Minerva (Internet Magazine) Winter 1997/98 No. 11


Remembered Seasons Disclosures (Internet Magazine) Dec. 1997


Animal-Drafted Vehicles Reference For Writers On when and where various major vehicles were from approximately 6000 B.C. to 1995 A.D. This includes various modern library and museum resources and places where rugged individuals can interact directly with various vehicles. Full details can be found elsewhere on this site. This is a CD-ROM publication produced by our now defunct small press. There are copies still available for any who are interested. E-mail Celia Hixon at hixon@empirenet.com for details on ordering.

Works In Progress:

Death Forms A Circle Sinister This is the first in a series of mystery novels that is presently seeking an agent. Death In The Common Weal The second book in my mystery series. At this time (8-12-2002) It is 3/5 rough plot drafted with some first draft work begun on it. As soon as what has been blow-by-blow plotted is first draft written the final 2/5 will be plotted and written. Elements In Fiction Writing This is the second reference for writers that was planned for my small press. Now it is on a back burner while I work on my novels. Eventually I will finish it and seek a publisher for it. My First Anthology Chapbook Of Published Works A collection of all the previously published in print and Internet magazines of my fiction, articles, essays and poetry, listed above. This is finished but as my small press died I haven't tried to do anything about it short of making hard copies for family. There are also several finished short stories, articles, and a few poems that I am editing and sending on the magazine rounds. They have lain dormant in my files since I decided in 1996 to concentrate on books, and the hopes for my reference small press.

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