Lynda's Merry Manyr
Celia's Library

The Choices:

Hi there, I'm Lynda Merry and you stand at the door to Merry Manyr. I live in the Manyr with various of my friends and guests but my boss pays the rent. The boss is an amateur artist and those of us who live in the Manyr are his creations. The boss allows me to show some of his other artwork from time to time. He does more than cartoons.

Beyond this door reality ceases. What takes place within is designed purely to entertain. We mean no offense to anyone so please take none. Inside the Manyr I and my girl friends may not always be dressed so if you don't like to see scantily clad girls you should visit with Celia, instead.

Celia is a writer and within her library she offers samples of her work for your enjoyment and enlightenment. She has many hobbies and from time to time she likes to share them with you. Right now she is presenting genealogy, located in a special room of her library. There is never anything risque in Celia's rooms, it embarrasses her.

Now you get to choose.

LIBRARY --- Go read Celia's works.

MANYR ---Enter the Manyr. I'll meet you inside.