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The Teamsters Union
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International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Teamsters Canada
The Greatest American Labor Leader
Teamsters Online
Skills For Tomorrow
Teamsters for a Democratic Union
YES! 25 and Out  Western Conference UPS and Freight
N.I.L.R.R.  -  National Institute For Labor Relations Research

Teamster Election

Office of the Election Administrator  
the Hoffa slate  
the Leedham slate  


Teamster Joint Councils

Joint Council 3   33,000 working men and women in eight western states
Joint Council 7   San Francisco, Ca. - 55,000 members - chartered in 1901
Joint Council 7   unofficial
Joint Council 10   New England
Joint Council 18   Auburn, N.Y.
Joint Council 40   western Pennsylvania
Joint Council 42   southern California, southern Arizona, southern Nevada
Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters    Joint Council 40 & Joint Council 53
Joint Council 46   Cheektowaga, NY

Teamster Locals

Local 2     Butte, Bozeman, Great Falls and Missoula, Montana
Local 4     Minneapolis, Mn.
Local 5     Baton Rouge, La.
Local 8     State College, Pa.
Local 11   Freehold, New Jersey
Local 14   Las Vegas, Nv.
Local 20   Toledo, Ohio
Local 24   Akron, Ohio  with members in Summit, Medina, Stark and Portage Counties
Local 25   Revere, Ma.- police officers
Local 30   Jeannette, Pa.
Local 31   Delta, British Columbia
Local 36   San Diego, Ca.
Local 42   Lynn, Ma. - Chartered in 1903
Local 63   Rialto, Ca. - southern California and Arizona
Local 66   Seattle, Wa.
Local 67   Washington DC and Vicinity
Local 70   Oakland, Ca. and Alameda County since 1903
Local 77   Fort Washington, Pa.
Local 78   Hayward, Ca. - the official,unofficial, not Local 78 website
Local 89   Louisville, Ky.
Local 95   Williamsburg, VA
Local 96   Washington, D.C.

Local 102   Fair Lawn, N.J.
Local 106   Duluth, Mn.
Local 110   Edensburg, Pa.
Local 111   New York, N.Y.
Local 115   Wilmington, De., Camden, N,J. and Philadelphia, Pa.
Local 117   Seattle, Wa.
Local 118   an info site created by UPS Teamsters in Rochester, N.Y.
Local 120   unofficial - Minneapolis-St. Paul, Mn.
Local 135   Indianapolis, Indiana
Local 155   Vancouver, B.C.
Local 166   Bloomington, Ca.
Local 170   Worcester, Mass.
Local 177   Northern New Jersey - cool graphics
Local 177   unofficial - Northern New Jersey
Local 186   Ventura, Ca.
Local 190    Billings, Montana - southeastern Montana and northern Wyoming

Local 200   Milwaukee, Wi.
Local 200   Milwaukee, Wi. - action team information page
Local 205   White Oak, Pa.
Local 211   Pittsburgh, Pa.
Local 213   Vancouver, B.C.
Local 229   Scranton, Pa.
Local 237   New York, N.Y.
Local 249   Pittsburgh, Pa.
Local 250   Pittsburgh, Pa.
Local 261   New Castle, Pa.
Local 273   Warrendale, Pa.
Local 284   Columbus, Ohio
Local 289   Minneapolis, Mn.
Local 294   Albany, New York
Local 299   Detroit, Mi.

Local 313   Tacoma, Wa.
Local 315   Martinez, Ca. - Contra Costa County
Local 320   Minneapolis, Mn.
Local 325   Rockford, Ill
Local 340   South Portland, Maine
Local 344   Milwaukee,Wi.
Local 346   Duluth, Mn.
Local 355   Baltimore and vicinity, Maryland - since 1933
Local 362   Alberta, Canada - Northwest Territories
Local 371   Rock Island, Ill.
Local 373   Fort Smith, Ark.
Local 381   Santa Maria, Ca.
Local 385   Orlando,Florida
Local 391   Greensboro, N.C./ Thomasville, N.C.
Local 396   Covina, Ca.
Local 399   North Hollywood, Ca.
Local 399   North Hollywood, Ca. - unofficial
Local 399   North Hollywood, Ca.

Local 404   Springfield, Ma.
Local 413   Columbus, Ohio
Local 430   York. Pa.
Local 444   Auburndale, Florida - since 1956
Local 445   Newburgh, New York
Local 463   Fort Washington, PA
Local 469   Perth Amboy, N.J.
Local 473   Cleveland, Ohio
Local 493   New London, Conn. 
Local 495   Pico Rivera, Ca. 

Local 515   Chattanooga, Tn.
Local 519   Knoxville, Tn.
Local 528   Atlanta, Ga.
Local 542   San Diego, Ca.
Local 570   Baltimore, Md.
Local 572  Carson, Ca.
Local 577   Amarillo, Tx.
Local 578   Orange, Ca.

Local 610    St. Louis, Mo.

Local 628     Philadelphia, Pa.  e-mail only
Local 631   Las Vegas, Nv.
Local 637    Zanesville, Ohio   since 1949
Local 638   Minneapolis, Mn.
Local 671   East Hartford, CT
Local 686   Salem, New Hampshire
Local 690    Spokane Wa.

Local 705   Chicago, Illinois
Local 707   Hempstead, N.Y.
Local 710   Chicago,Ill. - their Pension Fund is $1.2 BILLION strong
Local 728   Atlanta, Georgia
Local 738   Chicago, Ill.
Local 767   Forest Hill, Texas
Local 773   Allentown, Pa.
Local 783   Louisville, Ky. and southern Indiana - founded in 1937
Local 791   Rochester, New York

Local 812    Scarsdale, New York
Local 840    New York, New York
Local 848    El Monte, Ca.
Local 853    Oakland, Ca.
Local 878    Little Rock, Arkansas
Local 890    Monterey County, Salinas, Ca.
Local 896    Los Angeles, Ca.
Local 896    Los Angeles, Ca. - unofficial

Local 911   Long Beach, Ca. - Santa Cruz County
Local 912   Watsonville, Ca. - Santa Cruz County
Local 916    Springfield, Ill.
Local 919    unofficial - Houston, Tx.
Local 921    San Francisco, Ca.
Local 931    Montreal, Quebec
Local 947    Jacksonville, Florida
Local 952    Orange, Ca. - Orange County and vicinity
Local 959   unofficial - Anchorage, Alaska
Local 970    Minneapolis, Mn.
Local 986    South El Monte, Ca.
Local 988    Houston, Texas
Local 996    Honolulu, Hawaii

Local 1129    Cartersville, Ga.
Local 1145    St. Paul, Minnesota
Local 1149    Syracuse, New York
Local 1150   Stratford, Connecticut
Local 1187   St. Louis, Mo. - TheUnofficial Beer Bottlers' Web Site
Local 1224    Wilmington, Ohio - representing the Pilots of Airborne Express
Local 2000    Bloomington, Mn. - Northwest Flight Attendants
Local 2727    Louisville, Ky.

miscellaneous Teamster sites

Teamsters Retiree Chapter   Local 118, Rochester, N.Y.
a list of past Teamsters' presidents
Airborne Teamsters Web Page
Anheuser Busch Teamsters Bulletin Board   post a message
the Appellate Decision allowing the formation of Joint Council 92
Armadillo Express News
A View of the Teamster Tragedy

California Teamsters Political Action
California Teamsters Public Affairs Council
Central New Jersey Retired Teamsters
Central States Pension Fund
Continental Mechanics    independently maintained by a Continental Airlines Mechanic
Curt's Teamster Page   dedicated to the Teamsters Union and missing children
The Devil and Roy Williams   a Readers Digest story about the former Teamster President
Devil's Pact    a book at     The Top Dozen Sites
Failure of the 1998 Teamster Election   a Government chronology of events
Feeder Drivers Web Site    for UPS Feeder Drivers, NOT endorsed or affiliated with UPS
an F.B.I. file    from the Smoking Gun
Have a Heart Foundation    Local 804 - Queens, N.Y.
Health Services & Insurance Plans Locals: 404,443,493,559,677,1035
the History of IBT General Presidents

Internet Directory for the 21st Century!!!  
In The Labor Camp   a Local 510 member
Join the Rank and File Teamster movement to end the Consent Decree
Labor News
Longshore / Teamster Solidarity
National Master Freight Agreement   
New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union
Northern California Teamsters Apprentice Training
Northern New England Benefit Trust
Randy Olson Legal Assistance Fund
Rank & File Teamsters at Summit Logistic's Safeway Distribution Center in Tracy, California
The Resource  a member's site for Roadway Teamsters in Denver
Res Ipsa Loquitur
Safeway And Collington Services (C&S) Employees Bulletin Board
Sign a petition to Overnites top customers
TeamsterCare   Teamsters Union 25 Health Services & Insurance Plan
Teamsters Local 170 and 437 Health & Welfare Fund  
Teamster graffiti in New York City
Teamsters for a Democratic Union
The Teamster Network
Teamster Retiree WebRing
The day Jimmy Hoffa didn't come home .
T.R.U.E.Teamsters Representing Union Excellence
Union K-Mart Workers Home Page  represented by the Teamsters, UAW and UNITE.
United We Stand   A club for "Armadillo Express" drivers...
UPS Master Agreement   1997-2002 the full text

Teamster Perspective   From The Newspapers
The Shamans Rattle #1
Warshaws Web   Durrant v. Yellow Freight Corp.
Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust

Organizing FedEx
there are 6 different sites related to FedEx organizing

The Fed Up Home Page
Teamster Pride in our FedEx Future
Union Pride in our FedEx Future
FDX Workers' Organizing Forum

Visit my Labor Unions and Resources page too.

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