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We can finish these rich grained, fine hardwoods to your specifications, to compliment your existing office furniture and decor. The perfect gift for the executive, or a part of a company incentive program... Or just be the only one in the building that has a computer of a different breed. But on the lighter side... Our Novelty Graphic Print cases show the world your true colors, be they Zebra Stripe or MOO Cow!

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Custom Hardwood Cases

Solid hardwood panels 3/4" thick make the cases top sides and front (NEVER Particle or Pressboard), with a standard frame and 230 watt power suply. Bays not requested are permanently covered as to present as much wood face as possible. The Roman model has an overhanging sculpted top, -not just trim moulding tacked on. The Round model has all edges & corners radiused to a half inch.

Tower Cases . . Mini . MID. . FULL
Max Bays 3"/5"..2 /2 . 2 /3 . 4 /4
Oak.............$169 . $199 . $229
Mahogany........$179 . $219 . $239
Cherry..........$199 . $229 . $249
Walnut..........$209 . $239 . $269

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Graphic Paint Cases

There are those that live to work, and then there are those that have little troll toys on thier monitors. For the people in the latter group, have we got the computer case for you. First, grind away the shackles of the Blah Beige Box, and then paint a little on the wild side. We think our Zebra Stripe and MOO Cow prints fit the wild bill.

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